Every December, everyone in Lagos takes a break from the stressful year caused by the psychopathic state to party away because “we cannot come and kill ourselves. Due to The Pandemic that has plagued 2020, most people have decided to stay at home instead to avoid catching the deadly coronavirus.

That wasn’t the case however for party host Jensen Ado who insisted on turning up on Christmas Eve despite anyone with a brain seriously advising against the decision to “get lit” in the middle of an  increasingly infectious pandemic all while calling everyone “haters”.

The result, as we’ve found out from Jensen via a series of tweets, is that every single attendant of the party, including Jensen, tested positive for the coronavirus.

However, despite the easy-to-predict outcome, Jensen doubled down and called the virus a “hater” for coming for him and his people. “There were other people holding parties, so why didn’t they get COVID, coronavirus is just hating”, he said in one of the tweets.

As far as Jensen is concerned, nothing negative came out of the event.

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